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Check out this PHOTO that even Adam himself posted saying WTF! Adam says it isn’t him but he found it funny!image

Josh’s job!

Want to know what Josh’s job is!? He’s a car salesman!

Maci’s boyfriend revealed!

going to weddings makes me realize im just gonna have Bentley be my boyfriend forever.

I had touy a pregnancy test today!

Yup i was walking out of walmart when a young girl asked me if i would buy one for her (she thought you had to be 18 to buy one lol). Well i ended up buying one for her… i told her i would pray for her no matter what happens & gave her my number and told her if she needs anything im only a call away


16 & Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham almost died last night!! Here’s what she said via Facebook:

I experienced a VERY tragic thing lastnight. i passed out and quit responding and was in coma condition, and even stopped breathing and turned blue. my bestfriends & boyfriend rushed me to the hospital. i was completely blue and not breathing. The doctors put tubes down my throat and oxygen into lungs. they said that if i would of waited even 15 more minutes i would be brain dead right now or dead. I had alot of people there for me. love you all♥


Joshua popped the question at midnight on my birthday! We were in front of all of our best friends & he gave me a long heart-felt speech! I started crying & said yes haha

How I stay fit!

Okay I don’t really “work out” BUT there are things I do throughout the day/week to help keep my body in shape!

1. Take the stairs - If it’s less than 10 flights of stairs, I take the stairs. It sounds like a pain in the butt(which it literally is) but it helps your legs and your booty stay nice and firm :)

2. Don’t take the closest parking spot - When I go to school I park FAR from where I have class at or when I go to the mall I park in the back. It burns just a few extra cals but it definitely helps!

3. Dance Around! - During the day I turn on music while I do whatever and just dance around. Have you ever seen the commercials for all the dancing workouts? Well trust me it works! Sometimes I’ll even feel sore the next day from all the dancing I did haha!

4. Don’t eat fast food! - Fast food is LOADED with cals and fats and basically ANYTHING unhealthy for you! I RARELY eat fast food and if I do I make sure I choose something on the healthier side! If you work and HAVE to buy it, make sure you make a plan to start packing a nice healthy lunch, like I do!

5. DONT BUY UNHEALTHY FOOD - If you have  bad foods in your house, you will be tempted to eat them & you WILL eat them, I promise. You might say, well I have kids in the house and my husband blah blah! NO! First of all those bad diet habits you have started when you were a kid! If you switch to buying healthy foods and snacks instead of unhealthy ones it could really impact your childs life for the better. You don’t want them to end up with a diet like yours do you? If you don’t buy the bad food to put it in the house, then you just won’t eat it!

6. Snacks - Snacks are good for you because they keep your metabolism going. A snack should be like an apple, celerey & peanutbutter, or some string cheese. Don’t eat unhealthy snacks!

7. DO NOT DRINK POP - I know it gets your through your day or you’re just plain ol addicted but I promise you this is why that bulge isn’t going away! If you stop drinking pop and don’t even do anything else, you will drop a few pounds in just one month. If you subsistute your morning pop for an apple, it will have the SAME effect!

8. Small Proportions - I use to have a REALLY bad habit of putting more on my plate than I should & then feeling obligated to eat it all! Instead, put LESS on your plate that you think would make you full. Eat that plate and in half an hour, if you still feel hungry, have a small snack!

9. Drink LOTS of water - During the day drink water, tea, and juice. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re really just thirsty! If you drink a bottle of water you might notice that “hunger” feeling go away!

10. Go for walks - I like to put in my headphones and take a walk around the block. Not only is it an AMAZING stress reliever, it does wonders for your body. Burns cals and tones you up! Some people get bored of going for walks around their neighborhood so I suggest switching it up! Sometimes I’ll go to the park to walk or even take Lyle with me!

11. Pay attention! - Pay attention to what you eat during the day. I use to just eat and eat and not even realize how much I’d eaten until the end of the day and be like DAMN! Instead, count those cals and even plan out how you’re going to eat during the day so you don’t go over the limit. I, myself, try to stick around 1250 cals a day.

12. Join in - Play with your kids! Go run around the yard with them, pull them in their wagon, jump on the trampoline, or go swimming together. They’re all fun things to do without even noticing that you’re getting exercise.

13. Chores - Some chores require a little labor and help out with burning a few extra cals. Such as mowing the lawn or taking out the garbage!

Alright there are 13 little things I do that help me keep my body looking the way it does! They’re pretty basic and maybe a little silly but they really do help :)

I’ll add more if anyone has suggestions or I think of more things I do!

No pics of her ACTUAL boobs yet but this is a good estimate! I know they’ll look good on her tiny body! Can’t wait to see pics!!